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$ 441 Million

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UCI’s largest source of funding, like most research universities, is the U.S. federal government.

Last year, $156.6 million came from the Department of Health & Human Services—a 20% increase over the previous year—continuing the agency's trend as the largest single source of research funding at UCI.


For FY 18-19, about 14% of funding came from non-profit organizations, closely followed by for-profit organizations at nearly 13%. In total 39.6% of support came from non-federal sources.

Award Highlights

Photo of Carol Booth Olson
Carol Booth Olson
$14.7M for literacy outreach to high-needs students
closeCarol Booth Olson

Carol Booth Olson, professor of education, received $14.7M for an Education Innovation & Research expansion grant from the U.S. Department of Education. The grant will expand the Pathway to Academic Success Project, which helps close reading and writing achievement gaps among high-needs students in grades seven to 11.

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Photo of Michael Goulden
Michael Goulden
$4.6M to better manage CA's natural resources
closeMichael Goulden

$4.6 million was awarded from the Strategic Growth Council of the California Resource Agency, for a multi-institutional project that will develop new tools and methods for better managing the state’s forests and wildlands. Michael Goulden, earth system science professor, is playing a leading role with the creation of the Innovation Center for Advancing Ecosystem Climate Solutions.

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Photo of Daniele Piomelli
Daniele Piomelli
$9M to explore long-term impacts of cannabis use
closeDaniele Piomelli

A 4-year, $9 million grant aimed at determining the long-term impact of cannabis exposure on the adolescent brain was awarded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse to Daniele Piomelli, professor of anatomy & neurobiology and director of the UCI Center for the Study of Cannabis.

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Photo of Richard Arum
Richard Arum
$1.1M to study the value of liberal arts education
closeRichard Arum

UCI has been named by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation as the national pilot site for an interdisciplinary team of researchers led by the School of Education to study approaches that will increase our understanding of what makes a liberal arts education so valuable.

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Photo of Leslie Thompson
Leslie Thompson
$6M to seek treatments for Huntington's Disease
closeLeslie Thompson

Leslie Thompson of the Sue & Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center and UCI MIND has been awarded $6 million by the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine to continue her CIRM-supported efforts to create stem cell treatments for Huntington’s disease.

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Photo of Magdalene Seiler
Magdalene Seiler
$4.8M to develop therapy for vision-robbing eye disease
closeMagdalene Seiler

Magdalene Seiler received a $4.8 million grant from the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) to continue developing a stem cell-based therapy for retinitis pigmentosa. The therapy may also be applicable to macular degeneration.

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Awards by Purpose & Funding Source

Basic Research Applied Research Developmental Research Other Research Clinical Trial Training Equipment Other Activity Fellowship & Scholarship Total
Federal $231,824,139 $10,548,799 $338,645 $2,678,325 $2,101,126 $9,534,535 $1,209,483 $5,982,366 $2,470,032 $266,687,450
Other Govt $2,123,061 $0 $0 $0 $0 $23,472 $0 $10,587,510 $33,618 $12,767,661
State $21,072,045 $360,000 $0 $0 $0 $500,000 $0 $2,267,806 $0 $24,199,851
UC $14,038,961 $1,623,838 $0 $0 $511,273 $574,500 $0 $2,319,216 $202,370 $19,270,158
Non-Profit $48,827,716 $1,540,543 $225,000 $350,000 $4,098,437 $819,104 $0 $3,830,743 $1,961,488 $61,653,031
For-Profit $12,945,894 $648,415 $1,118,742 $0 $38,456,548 $0 $0 $3,134,579 $501,678 $56,805,856
Total $330,831,816 $14,721,595 $1,682,387 $3,028,325 $45,167,384 $11,451,611 $1,209,483 $28,122,220 $5,169,186 $441,384,007

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