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The UCI Office of Research hosts several select listservs. Please view the description of each list below. You may send a blank email to the address listed under each description to subscribe.


Office of Research Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee information, news and related broadcasts.


Office of Research Human Research Protections/Institutional Review Board information, news and related broadcasts.


Contract & Grant information, news and related broadcasts.


This list provides information on external Electronic Research Administration (ERA) systems, used at UCI (e.g. Kual Coeus, Cayuse 424 and NIH Commons).

Limited Submissions

Limiteds submissions (i.e. funding opportunities where sponsors limit the number of applications UCI may submit) are managed by the Office of Research.  These funding opportunities are advertised directly to faculty via Zotmail.  If you are a researcher who is not receiving information about limiteds, and would like to, please contact or visit the limited's archive on our news site.

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