Research Engagement & Facilitation (REF)


UCI is committed to operating with integrity in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and policies.  Research Engagement & Facilitation (REF) utilizes a proactive approach to encourage compliance by focusing on developing streamlined processes based on campus feedback, increasing campus awareness and collaboration, and monitoring and advocating in the policy arenas in the following compliance areas.

The REF Team strives to be your research compliance partner and help you navigate any compliance concerns you may have.  The best way to manage research compliance is to contact us with your questions and concerns.  

Ref Map

The role of the Research Engagement & Facilitation is to:

  • Develop a collaborative working relationship with stakeholders to minimize risk of non-compliance
  • ­­Provide compliance advisory services to faculty and staff
  • ­Develop and deliver compliance related education and training
  • ­Evaluate and respond to emerging compliance trends in higher education and implement best practices

REF Team

Nadia Wong (
Research Engagement and Outreach Manager

  • COI Administrator
  • Foreign Influence

Amy Green (
Research Compliance & Policy Administrator

  • Export Control
  • Dual Use of Research Concern
  • Cannabis Research


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