Employee Fringe Benefits

Composite Benefit Rates (CBR)

Proposal budgets requesting project personnel salaries and wages must also request the fringe benefit costs associated with the salaries and wages.

Effective November 1st, UCI will transition to Composite Benefit Rates (CBR) for proposals and revised budgets.  The composite benefit rate is an average cost of benefits for an employee group, where groups are defined by attributes such as benefit eligibility, employee class, exempt and non-exempt status, and job code. Benefits will be charged based on the CBRs for their employee group(s).  CBR’s are fixed for the entire fiscal year and adjusted on an annual basis. The first two year’s rates (FY19 and 20) are pending DHHS approval. Projected rates for future years are provided for planning purposes.

Benefits included / excluded from the CBR

Proposal Budgets  

Fringe benefit costs for salaries and wages included in extramural proposal budgets should be calculated by multiplying the salary by the applicable CBR.  To assist in proposal budget development process, a rate table is provided below which lists common research appointments and the applicable CBR. If you are unable to determine the appropriate appointment from the rate table below, please use the tools and resources provided on the UCI UCPath CBR Website to determine the appropriate CBR.

Rate Table

Guidance, Resources and Tools

Additional Guidance and resources are available from the UCI UCPath CBR Website or by following the links below:

Past Rates

Employee Composite Fringe Benefit Rates 7/1/13 – 12/31/14

Employee Composite Fringe Benefit Rates 1/1/15 – 5/31/16

Employee Composite Fringe Benefit Rates 6/1/16 - 9/30/17

Employee Composite Fringe Benefit Rates 10/1/17 -- 10/31/18

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