Biosketch Repository

The Biosketch Repository is a resource where faculty and staff working on grant proposals may find a version of a faculty member’s biosketch to use as a starting point when developing a new grant application. A biosketch must always be updated, and should never be used without its owner’s permission. The repository is particularly useful as a time-saving device, but is not exhaustive: it has evolved as faculty and staff collaborate on grant proposals, and contains the biosketches of many UCI investigators, from all UCI Schools, and often in more than one format (e.g., both NSF and NIH). The repository is updated on an ad hoc basis, as a particular proposal requires the participation of particular faculty members, and each version of a bio sketch is logged to record the user and the date updated. Access to the repository is restricted. Faculty and staff may access and update their biosketches at any time, as may selected administrative staff with their permission. Faculty and staff are notified when their biosketch is accessed through this repository.

All downloaded files are logged by file, user ID, and date.

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