Closing An Award


Awards are considered completed when all work is finished or on the date on which the award expires or terminates. If, at the end of the project period, the Principal Investigator has not secured a renewal, supplement or no-cost extension, closeout must be conducted.

Campus Obligations

The University has an obligation to close all sponsored projects and to submit any final technical and financial reports in a manner consistent with the terms and conditions of the award. The necessary closing procedures may vary, depending on the policies of the sponsor, whether the support was in the form of a grant, cooperative agreement or contract and the specific terms and conditions of the award.

Since sponsors do not send expiration letters, it is the responsibility of the PI to check the award document for all pertinent details about closeout procedures and dates.

The closeout of a project is the process by which the sponsor determines that all applicable administrative actions and all scientific work on the award have been completed.

The requirement to retain records is not affected by closeout, nor is the sponsor's right to audit records. In addition, the University's responsibility to be accountable for property, royalties and program income is not affected by closeout. Refer to the Record Retention section of the UCI Policies and Procedures Manual or the Research Record Retention matrix hosted by UCOP.

Federal Awards: OMB Circular A-110

OMB Circular A-110 sets forth requirements with respect to the complete and timely submission of final reports for federal grants, cooperative agreements and contracts. To be in compliance with A-110, all financial, performance and other reports required must be submitted within 90 calendar days after the date of completion of the award.

Some federal awards may reference and incorporate more restrictive closeout requirements in the terms and conditions of the award - if so, the more restrictive requirements should be adhered to in closing out the award.

Failure to adhere to the specific closeout requirements of a specific award may result in the withholding by the federal sponsor of new awards campus-wide or the suspension of payments for costs incurred by the University on other projects funded by the federal sponsor.

When an Authorized Official Signature is Needed

Some sponsors may require that final reports be signed by an Authorized Official of the University. In these cases, the report should be sent to Sponsored Projects for signature.

Timeliness Is Important

Timeliness is important when closing out an award to assure:

  • full compliance with the terms and conditions of the award,
  • sound award management, and
  • collection of all monetary reimbursement for costs incurred.

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