International Collaborations, Affiliations & Activities

In addition to the requirements tied to federal sponsored projects, the federal government identified other activities and areas that are of concern for undue foreign influence.

Engaging with Restricted Parties

The US government maintains a number of lists of federally sanctioned, debarred, or restricted persons and organizations.  Entities, organizations, and persons on one of these lists may require campus approval and/or a license to work with them prior to engaging in the activity.

To know if an international entity, organization, or person is on a restricted entities list, departments and the Export Control team use a screening tool called Visual Compliance.  Contact the Export Control Team if you have any questions.

In some cases, the proposed work may need to be reviewed by the International Relations Council. 

Traveling Internationally

Two important factors to consider when planning an international trip are export control restrictions and information security.

Hosting International Visitors

International visitors should be screened to confirm there is no affiliation with restricted parties or embargoed organizations.  

Please contact your department or the Export Control Team for help screening your visitor.

Shipping Internationally

The University has decentralized shipping (international and domestic), so it important to check for shipping regulatory requirements depending on what the item is and where it is going.

To help UC faculty, staff, and students not experience customs delays, seizure of goods, or inadvertent violation of federal export laws, please contact the Export Control Officer (ECO). The ECO will determine whether an export license is required, secure a license when needed, and advise on what records need to be maintained. 

Foreign Government-Sponsored Talent Programs

Participation in Foreign Government-Sponsored Talent Programs is one of the key concerns from the US government.  This relationship must be disclosed appropriately as Other Support/Current and Pending Support and possibly financial conflict of interest.   

UC Huawei Moratorium

To address recent federal developments that increase the University’s risk associated with engagements with Huawei, the Office of Graduate Studies and ECAS worked closely with Vice Chancellors for Research to develop and outline restrictions on engagements with Huawei. 

The UC moratorium restricts any future engagements with Huawei, calls for the cessation of all pending projects, gifts, purchases or other engagements and requires locations to wind down existing agreements and consider risks associated with engagements with Huawei’s U.S. subsidiaries.