Multiple Sclerosis Research Center (MSRC)

UC Irvine has a long-standing history of excellence in research in the neurosciences. There is an established base of internationally-recognized investigators within both the School of Biological Sciences and the School of Medicine who are performing work within the field of neuroinflammation and demyelinating diseases.

Building upon this expertise, UCI formally established the Multiple Sclerosis Research Center (MSRC) in February of 2011. A major focus of ongoing research at UC Irvine is to develop new therapeutic strategies designed to limit ongoing demyelination while repairing damaged nerve tissue. The MSRC’s established clinical and research programs have made it one of only 15 Collaborative Centers for MS Research (as designated by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society) in the United States. Access to cutting-edge research being done in other Collaborative Centers allows UCI faculty the ability to try new approaches to MS treatments.


Craig Walsh


Michael Demetriou