About the UCI hSCRO Committee

The UCI Human Stem Cell Research Oversight (hSCRO) Committee assures that human stem cell activities are in accordance with California state regulations and UCI policies and procedures
California Legislature mandated the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) in Health and Safety Code Section 125118 to develop a comprehensive set of guidelines, which would fully address the ethical, legal, and social aspects of stem cell research as well as ensure the systematic monitoring and reporting of human stem cell research activity in California that is not fully funded by Proposition 71 money granted through the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) (Senate Bill 322, Chapter 506, Statutes of 2003; Senate Bill 1260, Chapter 483, Statutes of 2006). Accordingly, when CIRM funding is not involved, the UCI hSCRO followsCDPH regulations.
When CIRM funds are involved, the UCI hSCRO upholds CIRM regulations.

hSCRO Committee Meetings and Deadlines

Contacting hSCRO

  • Our business hours are Monday - Friday, 8AM-5PM. UCI hSCRO staff are working 100% remotely.
  • Phone: (949) 824-8170 — will send you straight to voicemail.
    Please be assured that although we are not answering this phone line, all messages are being listened to in real-time and forwarded to the appropriate colleague for follow up.
  • For general questions: email hSCRO staff at hSCRO@uci.edu or visit our Office Hours (noted below).
  • Subscribe to the hSCRO ListServ: Send a blank email to: or-hscro+subscribe@uci.edu

hSCRO Office Hours

Office hours are NOT held on UCI holidays and may be canceled due to unexpected absences.


Time: 1p - 2p
Frequency: Weekly

HRP Staff: Kendrick Canizales
hSCRO Senior Analyst


Time: 11a - 12p
Frequency: Weekly

HRP Staff: Anu Mathur, MS, CIP
hSCRO Manager

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Welcome to the hSCRO Listserv!

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