Frequently Asked Questions

The use of adult tissue specific stem cells, such as hematopoietic cells or mesenchymal cells, does not require UCI hSCRO approval UNLESS such cells have been shown to, or are being induced to differentiate into the three major germ lines.

Yes. For more information on which cell lines require hSCRO review, please visit our Cell Line Provenance Policy webpage.

Please review the Provenance Guidance Document, and if you have questions please contact the hSCRO Administrator at or campus extension 4-3711.

  • The Full Committee meets once per month on the first Thursday of the month. The schedule of deadlines and meeting dates can be found on the Committee Calendar 
  • The hSCRO Subcommittee meets weekly.

Yes. The Continuation Application must be submitted annually, usually one full deadline before the expiration date.

If the student is actively participating in stem cell research you must add them to your protocol.

Yes, if you are submitting an Amendment requiring Full Committee review, and your protocol expires within the next 90 days, you may also submit a Renew & Amend via the "Renew/Amend" feature in KRP.

Please keep in mind that all Renewals must be submitted as a Renew/Amend in KRP, regardless of if an Amendment is being submitted at the time of Renewal.

That said, submitting a Full Committee Amendment with a Renewal is not recommended. If your hSCRO protocol's expiration is nearing, and the Amendment is Tabled for re-review, the protocol could expire in the time it requires to re-review the Amendment.

Thus, UCI hSCRO recommends submitting the Amendment after the Renewal is approved to avoid lapses in approval. 

Please review this webpage to determine if your Amendment would require Full Committee review.