UC Irvine’s IACUC (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee) is composed of scientists, non-scientists, veterinarians and community members – all appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Research. This committee oversees all aspects of the Animal Care and Use program at UCI. Read More...

IACUC Committee Meetings and Deadlines

Mouse Standing on Testtubes

Why Animal Research Matters

Scientists use a variety of ways to expand our fundamental knowledge of biology, human nature, society, and the natural world. These methods include computer simulations, cell cultures (in vitro work), human volunteers in clinical trials, and animal models.

There is still a lot about the human body and about the world around us that we do not yet fully understand – Animal research is one such indispensable approach for increasing our understanding about complex living organisms. These highly regulated studies with animals are often the last step before research can involve human subjects, and are used to help validate results of decade-long research projects.

See UCI Statement on the Use of Animals in Research and Teaching

See UCOP's Position Statement on Animal Research

Do You Need IACUC Review?

Federal animal welfare regulations, U.S. Public Health Service Policy, and UCI Policy require that all activities involving the use of live vertebrate animals in research, research training, teaching, experimentation, biological testing or related purposes be reviewed and approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.Sometimes the need for IACUC review isn’t clear – When in doubt, please ask!

For assistance in determining whether or not your planned activity requires review, complete the Determination form and email to IACUC@uci.edu.


USDA Registration #

PHS Assurance #
D16-00259 (A3416-01)
2/3/20 – 2/28/24

Current Accreditation 2021-2024
Full Accreditation since 1971

Tools and Resources

 *Available on campus or Cisco VPN; UCINetID required 

 *Available on campus or Cisco VPN; UCINetID required 

Questions about working with animals?

Email us at IACUC@uci.edu


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