Meeting results are available in RMS, after the convened meeting has adjourned - Check your protocol status by:

  1. Go to your protocol and look for the Notepad icon at the File level - This will be next to the Folder icon, like this
  2. Hover your cursor over the Notepad icon - A small window will display administrative comments
FCR Check Notepad Protocol Status
Comment Meaning Next Steps
 Approved Congratulations! After the approval is processed, you will receive an automated email from RMS.

Find copies of Approval Documents in RMS (Protocol PDF, approval letters)

 Minor Revisions Administratively tabled for minor issues IACUC admin will make administrative changes and may email you for additional clarifications
 Tabled Clarifications/revisions are needed

Your response will be reviewed at subcommittee "Designated Member Review" (where it may be approved without needing to return to full committee review)

A post-meeting email will be sent asking for additional revisions/clarifications.

This email is usually sent within 2 weeks of the meeting (depending on complexity)

 Resubmission Must be resubmitted for full committee review at another convened meeting