Approval Documents in RMS

If you need copies of your animal use protocol and official approval letters, you can find them in RMS.IACUC Approval Letters

  • After you login, Right-click or CTRL-click (Mac) on the folder/paper clip icon of the File (not Document)
  • Select View/Edit Attachments from the drop down menu – a window will pop up showing all attachments
    (No pop-up? You have to Enable Pop-ups for your internet browser)


Protocol (PDF)

  • When you're in the protocol, at the top of the page go to Action Menu > Print Print PDF -- a window will pop up with the PDF.
  • In the PDF pop-up window, go to the upper right corner to either download or print -- this will save the PDF to your computer.
    No pop-up? You may need to either 1) Enable Pop-ups for your internet browser  --OR-- 2) Go to your Downloads folder if it doesn’t auto-open