Getting Started – Logging In

Establish VPN Connection*

*Skip this step if you are On-Campus or connected to UCI WiFi network

Currently, RMS is only accessible on-campus and on devices/computers connected to the UCInet Mobile Access (WiFi) network. Users who would like to access RMS off campus will need to use UCI's WebVPN.

1) Log in using "Default-WebVPN": with your UCInetID and password.

WebVPN Fig1

2) Enter "" in the address bar and click the "Browse" button.

WebVPN Fig2

3) Log into RMS (as described below).

Log into RMS with your UCInetID and password

LI Fig1


RMS uses pop-up windows extensively!

IMPORTANT: You must create an exception to allow pop-ups for the RMS website (or enable “pop-ups”) on your internet browser before using RMS.

View instructions according to your specific browser below: