Outside financial interests facilitate and create opportunities for innovation, collaboration, and support.   The Conflict of Interest Oversight Committee (COIOC) supports research and the pursuit of outside financial interests by reviewing financial disclosures to protect the objectivity of the research.  Financial disclosures reviews also protect the researcher by

  1. Meeting the requirements set by Federal, state, and university regulations and policies;
  2. Obtaining approval on the financial interests and the research from the COIOC, an objective third party;
  3. Promoting transparency and accountability; and
  4. Demonstrating a commitment to scientific integrity.

The federal government's focus on conflict of interest as it relates to research security and integrity compliance concerns only emphasizes the need for researchers to fully and accurately disclose.  For more information, please visit Research Security & International Engagement.

How to...

Submit a conflict of interest disclosure

Develop a new financial interest (ex. consulting, founding a company)

Learn about conflict of interest (in research) policies

Learn about my COI disclosure requirements

Learn about Conflict of Interest Oversight Committee

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Conflict of Interest Team

Jennifer Chen

Research Engagement & Compliance Analyst
Manage the COI disclosure review process. Provide administrative support for the Conflict of Interest Oversight Committee.

Michelle Hong

Research Engagement & Compliance Officer
Support the COI disclosure review process. Provide guidance on disclosure requirements and policies.

Nadia Wong

Research Compliance & Outreach Manager
Provide consultations on new financial interests and opportunities. Oversee the conflict of interest in research program.