About Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA)

Departments and research units that submit proposals are assigned a Sponsored Projects team consisting of a Principal Contract and Grant Officer who supervises the Senior Contract and Grant Officer and the Contract and Grant Officer. These teams work with the department or unit's contract and grant staff to review/submit proposals and manage awards.  Please see our Staff by Departmental Assignment page to find the C&G officer assigned to your area.

Contract & Grant News

NCURA Webinar: Financial Reporting at the Departmental Level

The Office of Research is providing access to the Live Virtual NCURA Workshop “Financial Reporting at the Departmental Level and Strategies for Successful Collaboration with the ...
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NCURA YouTube Tuesday: NSF Update Q&A’s

  NSF Update Q&A’s Jean Feldman, National Science Foundation Watch Now YouTube Tuesday sponsored by Streamlyne, NCURA’s first Platinum Sponsor! Advertisement Be an NCURA YouTube Tuesday ...
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KRP Form Updated

Institutional Review Board Human Research Protections (HRP) – September 12, 2022 – UPDATE: KRP form 2.0 is scheduled to be released after 5pm on September 23, ...
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Updated Registration Link for NCURA Webinar: Successfully Onboarding Your Staff in the Virtual World

Dear Colleagues: It has come to our attention that the link to register for the webinar was requesting payment in order to attend. That has been corrected. ...
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Clinical Trials.Gov Webpage Updated

cid3170883979*image002.png@01D82CAB.80843F50″> Institutional Review Board Human Research Protections (HRP) – August 26, 2022 –   HRP has updated the Clinical Trials.Gov Webpage to simplify content.   In addition, we have ...
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NIH eRA Information: Grants.gov Downtime September 23-29 — Information and Advice for Applicants/Recipients

Dear Colleagues, Please review the important information and advice below from NIH regarding the planned Grants.gov downtime September 23rd through the 29th. Nancy Nancy Lewis Executive ...
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