About Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA)

Departments and research units that submit proposals are assigned a Sponsored Projects team consisting of a Principal Contract and Grant Officer who supervises the Senior Contract and Grant Officer and the Contract and Grant Officer. These teams work with the department or unit's contract and grant staff to review/submit proposals and manage awards.  Please see our Staff by Departmental Assignment page to find the C&G officer assigned to your area.

Contract & Grant News

New Standard Operating Procedure (SOP): Clinical Research Subject Injury

Institutional Review Board   Human Research Protections (HRP) – August 2, 2022 – __________________________     New Standard Operating Procedure (SOP): Clinical Research Subject Injury   ...
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Contracts and Grants Training – August Courses Presented via Zoom

Contracts & Grants Fund Accounting Series   Contracts and Grants Accounting offers several classes that focus on fund accounting processes for sponsored projects. These classes are ...
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NEW! Updated fields in DW Query

Dear Colleagues,   We’ve added and updated fields in the Award Attributes Tab of the Contracts/Grants Ad Hoc Query   .   The updated fields are: ...
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Kuali Protocols Performance Update

 ***Please read and forward to your researchers***     Dear Colleagues,   Please see below message from Kuali regarding the latest performance issues. As the first ...
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NCURA July Campus Liaison Newsletter

  National Council of University Research Administrators July 2022 Campus Liaison Newsletter See what the world’s first and largest association for research administrators has to offer! ...
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NEW! Proposals by Campus Area Report

Dear Colleagues,   Office of Research has published a new report: Proposals by Campus Area   The report link can be found near the related Awards ...
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