About Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA)

Departments and research units that submit proposals are assigned a Sponsored Projects team consisting of a Principal Contract and Grant Officer who supervises the Senior Contract and Grant Officer and the Contract and Grant Officer. These teams work with the department or unit's contract and grant staff to review/submit proposals and manage awards.  Please see our Staff by Departmental Assignment page to find the C&G officer assigned to your area.

Contract & Grant News

NSF and Other Federal Agency Disclosure Requirements

Dear Colleagues, The Office of Research has prepared a webpage that contains information and resources to facilitate compliance with disclosure of requirements of various federal agencies, including NSF: https://research.uci.edu/undue-foreign-influence/fed-sponsors/  As federal ...
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Reminder: NIH Biosketch and Other Support Formats and Forms G Mandatory January 25th

Dear Colleagues, This is a reminder that effective January 25, 2022, all NIH proposal applications, Just-In-Time requests, and Research Performance Progress Reports (RPPRs) must comply with the ...
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Kuali Research Protocols (KRP): Department Chair Sign Off

Kuali Research Protocols (KRP):  Department Chair Sign Off Coming March 1, 2022, Department Chair (or their designee) sign off will be required before final IRB approval ...
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DocuSign Approved for Form 700Us- Full Implementation by March 1st.

The California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) recently approved the use of certain electronic signatures on the Form 700U and DocuSign meets their criteria.  For almost ...
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Free NCURA Webinar – Guidance on the Preparation of NIH RPPRs with COVID-19 Impacts and Other Support

The Office of Research is providing access to the NCURA Webinar –Guidance on the Preparation of NIH Research Performance Progress Reports (RPPRs) with COVID-19 Impacts and ...
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NIH Guide Notice-Updated NIH Grant Policy Statement

Dear Colleagues, As a follow up to my message a week ago regarding the updated NIH Grants Policy Statement, I am forwarding a link to the ...
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