IACUC Pre-review Process

All submissions (protocols, modification requests) that undergo full committee review go through a detailed pre-review by IACUC administrative staff, campus veterinarians and voting members of the IACUC.

  • Submission deadlines occur 16 business days prior to the monthly convened meeting (the second Thursday of each month) to allow time for detailed pre-review.
  • Administrative staff, veterinarians and committee members review and comment on all submissions during the first week of the pre-review period.
  • Pre-review comments are compiled and forwarded to Lead Researchers approximately 7 business days prior to the scheduled meeting.
  • Research personnel have until the end of the day Monday of meeting week to submit revised materials for review at the convened meeting.
  • Protocols and modifications with serious issues noted in pre-review may be removed from the agenda and tabled to a future meeting if revised documents are not received prior to the meeting.

Modification Requests

All submissions to the IACUC undergo pre-review by IACUC administrative staff to determine the appropriate level of review.  NOTE:  Level of review is determined administratively with input from campus veterinarians and the IACUC Chair wherever necessary.  At some points in the review cycle, a modification request that might ordinarily qualify for Designated Member Review may be placed on the agenda for full committee review; in such cases, IACUC administrative staff has determined that review at a convened meeting will result in shorter approval turn-around.

Administrative and Veterinary staff is also available to review and comment on protocols and modification requests prior to formal submission, and can advise researchers on questions regarding the level of required review.

See the IACUC Policy on Modifications for more information.

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