IACUC Protocol Preparation Checklist

Please review this checklist to ensure that your IACUC application materials are complete before you submit:

    1. The individual listed as Principal Investigator (Lead Researcher) is eligible to serve in that capacity.  To serve as Principal Investigator (Lead Reseracher), a UCI faculty appointment of greater than or equal to 50%  is required; otherwise, an eligible individual must be named as a Faculty Sponsor. Contact your department regarding who may be your Faculty Sponsor - See online guidance about Lead Researcher Eligibility (the IACUC uses the same guidelines as the IRB)

    2. All study team members, including the Principal Investigator, Faculty Sponsor, and all research personnel must complete all Training Requirements (CITI, LAOHP).
      • Individuals that will have direct, hands-on contact with animals, along with any individuals who may be named as co-authors on publications resulting from the research, should be listed in the protocol. 

    3. All other required regulatory committee approvals have been obtained or are in process, such as:
    4. Your Animal Use Protocol (AUP) have been completed and submitted in the Research Management System (RMS) - See the Application Writing Tips & Guidance for more info

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