Veterinary Consultations

Consultation with ULAR Veterinarians is strongly encouraged and should take place early in the protocol development process, well before the application is submitted for IACUC review.

Veterinary assistance is particularly helpful in the following areas:

  • Animal model and species selections
  • Refinement of surgical and non-surgical techniques
  • Therapeutic drug regimens
  • Appropriate use of sedation, anesthesia and analgesia
  • Pre-, peri- and post-operative care and monitoring
  • Specialized husbandry needs
  • Availability of vivarium space

ULAR Veterinarians can also provide:
  • Guidance regarding study design and appropriate techniques
  • Guidance for alternative procedural endpoints and humane euthanasia
  • Training in appropriate handling and care of animals
  • Assistance in transferring animals from other institutions
  • Assistance in development of environmental enrichment to promote psychological well-being of higher species

See Veterinary Services for more information. 

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