Personnel Training for Animal Surgery

Regardless of an individual’s qualifications or educational background, all personnel performing surgery must have thorough knowledge and understanding of the approved IACUC protocol procedures and must be trained by someone who possesses a knowledge of surgery policies, proper surgical technique, and familiarity with the relevant surgical procedure and with the anatomy of the species. ULAR veterinarians are charged by the IACUC to confirm that the training is adequate.  It is the Principal Investigator’s and/or Lab Manager’s responsibility to ensure personnel are qualified to perform procedures and to maintain training records for all members of the research team.

At a minimum, training of surgical personnel must include:

  • A thorough knowledge of aseptic technique.
  • Administration and assessment of anesthesia
  • Appropriate tissue handling
  • Appropriate use of instruments
  • Effective methods of hemostasis.
  • Correct use of sutures and/or skin staples (see guidance for Wound Closure Selection)
  • Postsurgical care and monitoring, including the ability to recognize and alleviate pain and distress.
  • Completion of the Aseptic Surgery chapter in the CITI Training is required for all personnel that will be performing surgical procedures.

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