Creating a New Animal Use Protocol (AUP)


Animal Numbers

As a sub-tab under Experimental Design, this section is where you calculate the number of animals that are needed for each experiment and section tab. The Animal calculation tool does all the calculations for you based on the number of experiments, number of study groups and controls, and types of animals used. The tool itself may seem complicated at first, but after practice, it can be a handy tool to quickly determine the total numbers for each animal in a given section tab and AUP.

1. Click on the tab to choose the section.

2. Next, click the  button to enter the Animal Calculation tool. A pop-up window will open.

In the Animal Calculation tool, the main or upper “Animals” row is where calculations for the main experiment will be entered. Ignore the lower "Animals" row.

Parentheses are optional and may be used to change the order of operations in both tables.

3. Indicate which species will be used in the current calculation by highlighting the species and clicking the  to move it to the box on the right.

4. Then click the upper New row link to start the animal calculation table.

5. A new row will appear above the Animals row with open text boxes for a # and Description.

Description refers to the variables in the experiment (i.e. groups, controls, number of animals, timepoints, replicates, etc.).

6. Enter a # and description in the first row.

7. Click on the top New Row link to continue to add new rows and to build the animal calculation table until all variables are entered for the experiment.

The Animal Calculation tool will automatically give you a running total of the animals.

Notice in this simple example, the total number of animals is incorrect. The correct total should be 300.

8. Add parentheses to change the order of operations and correct the total amount.

9. Click the  button to save/close the Animal Calculation tool and return to the main page.

The calculation table will transfer to the main page and will give the total number of animals for the desired species in the section tab.

If you need to make changes or add new calculations to the Animal calculation table. Click the Edit calculation link to go back to the calculation tool. Do NOT click on the Add new calculation button.

As mentioned previously in this guide, a section tab should include multiple species if performing identical experiments on each type.

10. To add multiple species to the animal calculation, move additional species to the current calculation box.

11. Click the  button again to save/close and return to main page.

Totals for both species will be present on the main page.

Additional section tabs will be included in the total number of animals under the Total tab.

This Total tab calculates the total number of animals per species, NOT the total number of animals (all species).

12. Click the  button to indicate the USDA pain category for each species and the number of animals (Available in the Total tab above).

13. Answer the remaining questions for the Animal Numbers Justification and USDA Pain Category E (if applicable).

Don’t forget to SAVE YOUR WORK!


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