Creating a New Animal Use Protocol (AUP)

General Information Tab

1. In the AUP application workflow, the current tab will be highlighted.

2. The Title or “File Name” from the previous template Wizard will be auto-populated in the current Document Title text box.

3. This “File Name” can be replaced with your formal protocol title.

4. This formal protocol title is also called the Document Title.

5. The “File Name” and formal protocol title will both be listed in the AUP File and Documents Section.

6. Enter in the text box your project overview summary in a non-technical, lay language description (250 words or less).

7. The text can be formatted in the rich text field box.

Please try to keep the font type and size consistent within the text boxes.

8. Continue down the page, answering each question. In some cases, answering “Yes” will open up additional questions that request further information.

9. Complete the rest of the sections as appropriate.

Don’t forget to SAVE YOUR WORK!


Creating a New Animal Use Protocol (AUP): Species

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