Creating a New Animal Use Protocol (AUP)

Personnel Tab

Personnel Categories in RMS

Adding New Users to RMS

Adding Personnel to Your Protocol

In order to be listed on an AUP in RMS, an individual needs two things:

  1. UCInetID
    • This ID identifies you as an affiliate of UC Irvine. UCInetIDs are assigned by the Office of Information Technology (OIT)
    • Usually this is the username that can be found in your UCI email address (i.e.: - although your UCInetID may differ from your UCI email address!
  2. Entered as a user with a defined role (or multiple roles) in the Kuali Security Access Management System (KSAMS)
    • This is like a “membership in the club” – it tells the secure servers that you are authorized to use RMS.
    • IACUC administrative or eRA office can grant permission for you and your staff in KSAMS and assign the roles you and your staff will need to access RMS.

Personnel Categories in RMS

RMS Permissions

Principal Investigator aka. Lead Researcher

Protocol Editing
Animal Ordering
View Protocol

Faculty Sponsor Individual with Lead Researcher Eligibility who is sponsoring the work on behalf of the listed PI (same as PI)
Co-Investigator/Senior Researcher Anyone in the study team who needs protocol editing permissions (e.g., project scientist/specialist, postdoc)

Protocol Editing
Animal Ordering
View Protocol

Research Personnel Anyone who needs permission to order animals (e.g., lab manager, lab technicians) Animal Ordering
View Protocol
Other Research Personnel All other personnel who do not need any other permissions, View Protocol Only  (e.g., undergraduate or graduate students/researchers) View Protocol
Signers IACUC Use Only - Signatures are required from individuals listed in this category - IACUC admin staff will assign this.


IACUC Use Only - Individuals listed here are performing the preliminary veterinary, admin, or EH&S pre-review

Adding New Users to RMS

  1. New students, staff or faculty to UCI will not be available in the RMS database. To add new users, please complete Step 10 in Adding Personnel to Your Protocol. If you need to add lab personnel right away, please contact the IACUC at:
  (949) 824-8664

Adding Personnel to Your Protocol

    1. For each personnel category, click on  - A window will pop up.
    2. In the Personnel Selection window, enter the name of the individual you wish to add to the protocol into the Name field.
      • Tip: Search by first OR last name, but not both! Searching by UCInetID also doesn't work.
    3. After entering the name, click the  button. Nothing will happen. Do not be alarmed!
    4. Click the word and this will display the user's name.

      • If you click the word  without filtering by name, this will display a long list of users - You could scroll and look for the individual, but this is time-consuming and not recommended.
      • If you click the icon without filtering by name, this will display users grouped by Labs - This is a much easier way to add lab members to your protocol.
      • Reminder:

    5. Click the individual’s name in the list and their name will be added to the list at the bottom of the window.
      • The individual will only be available if he or she has the correct RMS roles for that corresponding category - If you do not see them here, skip to Step 10
    6. Repeat Steps 2-4 to find and add all individuals to the category
    7. Once all individuals is included in the list at the bottom of the window, click the  button - This will add their names into the category.

    8. The pop-up window will close and you should see the selected users under the appropriate personnel category.

    9. Enter emergency contact information for the lab in the table provided in case of an emergency regarding animal care.
    10. If you're unable to find the individual, complete the Add New User section
      • List the person’s name, UCI email address and state which personnel category you wish to add them to –
      • Note:  Multiple individuals can be listed!

Don’t forget to SAVE YOUR WORK!


Creating a New Animal Use Protocol (AUP): Training Requirements

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