Creating a New Animal Use Protocol (AUP)


How to Organize Your Procedures

IACUC Standardized Procedures

Look over Procedures Tab in AUP

The Procedures Tab of the AUP is where details about live animal procedures are described.

To complete this tab, there are 2 main steps:

Step 1)  List the procedures that will be performed in live animals

Step 2)  Assign the species in which those listed procedures will be performed

How to Organize Your Procedures 

If you have multiple experimental section tabs (more than one subtab in the Experimental Design Tab), the Procedures Tab will also display those same section tabs.

There are two options you could go about organizing the procedures. You can either:

  • Option #1 = List and describe all procedures in the first section tab + State "Refer to first section tab" in all other section tabs
  • Option #2 = List procedures that are specific to each different section tab

Go with Option #1 if...

  • The same procedures are used across multiple experimental sections
  • You are having difficulty adding procedures in the Procedures Selection pop-up window

Go with Option #2 if...

  • Different procedures are used for each experimental section

    1. To begin, click the  button
      (The Procedures Selection window will pop-up)

    2. In the Choose Procedures Tab of the pop-up window, select the procedures - There are two ways to do this:

      • IACUC Standardized Procedures
        = Library of animal procedures with standardized template language reflecting commonly used steps in by the research community. Examples include euthanasia methods, oral gavage, tattoo identification, etc. These templates can be copied as-is or customized by your lab (if needed).

        Go to view instructions on how to select from IACUC Standardized Procedures
    3. In the Assign Species Tab of the pop-up window (after entering the procedure name and descriptions), mark the checkboxes to indicate the species that will receive those procedures.
    4. Once you have entered all procedure names, descriptions and assigned the species, click the Accept Selection button - This will apply the information entered in the pop-up window into the Procedures Tab of the AUP (window will close)
    5. Look over the Procedures Tab of the AUP for completion and ensure that:
      1. "Procedures List" displays the names of all live animal procedures that will be performed
      2. Species are indicated in the "Procedures List"
      3. Under "Descriptions of Procedures", provide the procedure names before the description details

Don’t forget to SAVE YOUR WORK!


Inserting IACUC Standardized Procedures

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