Creating a New Animal Use Protocol (AUP)

Hazards & Safety Tab

Several sections in this tab contain an  button to list biological, chemical or radiological materials.

1. Click the button and fill in the table with information about any chemical hazards.

NOTE: Most of the boxes in this table are open text fields - just click and type.

2. Check the box to acknowledge that EH&S will be contacted for guidance as you complete each requirement. All materials (e.g. door signs, SOPs) should be uploaded as attachments to your AUP.

The following sections in this tab all include similar tables and questionnaires to enter hazard & safety information:

  • Chemical Hazards
  • Biological Materials, Primary Cells or Cell Lines
  • Infectious Agents
  • Recombinant DNA
  • Radioactive Hazards
  • Creation of New Transgenic Animals

3. Indicate the Animal Biosafety Levels (ABSL) - Check all that apply. Also, describe any additional hazards associated with the research project.

Don’t forget to SAVE YOUR WORK!


Creating a New Animal Use Protocol (AUP): Other Information

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