Creating a New Animal Use Protocol (AUP)

Experimental Design Tab

Each section tab corresponds to an individual experiment or set of experiments designed to test a specific hypothesis. An AUP can have one section tab or several.

Animal numbers, procedural details (i.e., non-surgical and surgical procedures), and post-procedural care of animals are defined per section tab.

In a single section tab, one or several species can be added to it. Likewise, individual species can also be assigned to separate section tabs. For example, if you are performing identical experiments on two types of species, adding both species to one section tab would be the better option. In this case, you would only need to complete the details of one section tab (summary of experiments, number of animals, procedures, endpoints/monitoring, euthanasia).

1. Enter a name for the section tab.

2. Then click the  button to bring down a list of species (as defined previously on the Species Tab.

3. Check each box to indicate which species will be used in this section (could be either one or several), then click “Apply”.

4. Click the  button to make the section tab official.

A new section will open up with a set of questions that must be answered for the specific section tab.

Repeat the steps above for each section tab in the AUP (there can be one or several).

Section Tab Summary

1. Complete the summaries for each section tab.

2. If the section tab requires a breeding colony, Click “Yes” and answer the following questions.

Animal Monitoring

1. Click the  button to select the species designated in the section tab.

2. A table will be appear with a species drop-down list. This list will contain all species designated for this section tab.

3. Click on the  arrow and then select the species.

4. Enter information in the open text fields to the right for each species.

5. Complete the remaining questions if applicable.

Endpoints and Monitoring

1. State the experimental endpoints for each section tab.

For more information on humane endpoints, click HERE.


1. Answer the questions for the euthanasia section.

If the answer is “Yes” for the “Will animals be euthanized at the end of the experiments?”, another question will pop-up.

All euthanization methods will be entered in the Procedures sub-tab of the AUP.

For more information on euthanasia, click HERE.

Don’t forget to SAVE YOUR WORK!


Creating a New Animal Use Protocol (AUP): Animal Numbers

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