Frequently Asked Questions

I clicked the “New” button but I’m stuck on the Files and Documents page!

  • RMS relies heavily on the use of pop-up windows, so you need to make sure you have turned off the pop-up blocker or created an exception for the RMS website in your browser.  How to do this varies with different browsers, so look for “Internet Options” and/or “Content” to enable pop-ups.

My animal protocol is in its 3rd year and expiring soon. In the Files and Documents page, I clicked on it to create a new protocol, but nothing happened.

  • Users with an expiring protocol in its 3rd year will need to create a brand new protocol. Click on the "New" button and complete all the sections and you will get a new protocol number.

I logged in and clicked on the IACUC Protocol Tab, but I can't find my AUP I've been working on. It doesn't appear in the Files section!

  • When you first log-in, the default filter setting is for AUPs "In Use", meaning that they are already approved. To view working AUPs, click on the My Filters Sets down arrow and choose "In Progress" and click Apply Filter. You will then see your working AUP draft.

How do I make changes to an approved AUP?

  • Approved AUPs cannot be edited. To modify an AUP and make changes. Right click on the approved AUP and select "Modification" from the menu. This will create an editable modification verision. Now, you can check-out the document and make the needed changes in the AUP.

How do I access RMS from home?

  • RMS is considered a "UCI only" website. To access RMS off campus, users will need a VPN connection. Please visit the OIT website on how to set up a VPN connection on your home computer:

I was working on my AUP and needed to search for some articles on PubMed. After reading the abstracts, I went back to my AUP and started working on it again. I clicked save, but a new screen popped up with a message stating the session was terminated for security reasons. I lost a lot of work that was entered in the AUP. What happened?

  • Due to security reasons, RMS sessions automatically time out after 30 minutes. There is also no auto-save or warning feature in RMS, so please save often! As a backup, users can have everything written up in a Word or Excel file and then cut and paste the text into the appropiate fields of the AUP.

I copied text from my Narative in MS Word to a rich text field box in RMS. After saving my AUP, I noticed spacing issues between words and formating issues (jumbled and non-wrapping text).

  • This is due to MS Word using non-standard html for text. Copying and pasting text from MS Word while preserving the formatting is not possible. To avoid potential formating issues, copy your text from MS Word into Notepad and then copy the text from Notepad into any Rich Text Field box in RMS. This converts the text from MS Word into plain text and will fix the text formatting issues.

What year is my Annual Review?

  • RMS will tell you! Visit this link for more info: LINK

How to find my previously-submitted Annual Report?

  • RMS will tell you! Visit this link for more info: LINK

How do I find my number of Animals Used?

  • RMS will tell you! Visit this link for more info: LINK

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