Creating a New Animal Use Protocol (AUP)


Using Template Procedures

All Procedures (IACUC Standard or Researcher-Described) can be entered in the first Study Segment. There is no need to add procedures to each respective segment.

RMS includes a number of pre-approved descriptions (“IACUC Standard Procedures”) that can be populated directly into your AUP application.  The list of prepared descriptions is expected to grow over time; in the meantime, researchers can also describe their own procedures.

1. Click the button to add/edit procedures for the selected study segment.

2. A pop-up window will appear with IACUC Standardized Procedures and Research-Described Procedures.

3. Click the  button to bring a drop-down list of IACUC Standardized Procedures.

4. Expand each AUP Procedure by clicking on the  next to it.

5. Check  each box to pick the desired procedures.

6. Click the  button to close the list. All AUP procedures will automatically transfer to the shaded text box.

7. Click the  button and the list of selected procedures will then transfer to the bottom of the pop-up window.

Next to each procedure is a  icon. This icon represents a standardized, IACUC approved procedure.

8. Finally, click the  button and the list of procedures will transfer again to the Procedures page.

In addition, the description of each procedure will automatically populate the text box below!

Don’t forget to SAVE YOUR WORK!


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