Submission of IACUC Annual Review


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Additional Information & Tips

  1. Log into RMS and follow RMS user guide instructions on how to complete the Annual Review.
  2. Fill out the Annual Review Tab ONLY
    (all other protocol tabs in RMS do not need to be completed at this time)
  3. Email to let us know you completed your annual review

  • Contact the RMS Help Desk if you need assistance


  • If additional clarification is needed, the PI and submitter will be contacted via email.


  • Annual reviews of protocols with USDA-covered species will go to our full committee meeting for discussion.
    Please submit at least 30 days before your protocol's anniversary date (the date when cycle was first approved, mentioned in reminder email).
    USDA-covered species include:
    • Peromyscus Mouse
    • Hamster
    • Guinea Pig
    • Rabbit
    • Cat
    • Sheep
    • Pig
    • ...and other warm-blooded vertebrate animals! (EXCLUDES mice and rats purposely bred for research)

      Unsure if you use USDA-covered species? Email for assistance
  • Modifications CANNOT be made when a protocol is due for Annual Review  - the Annual Review must be completed and approved before you can submit a modification. 
Modifications CANNOT be made on the annual continuation application. If you need to make changes to the protocol, you must submit a Modification Request[DL1] .

 [DL1]Add link to modification submission instructions webpage


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