How to Submit Protocols to the UCI hSCRO

hSCRO New Protocol Submission Procedures

The Application for hSCRO Review is used for protocol submissions to the UCI hSCRO. The guidance below will assist investigators with completion of the hSCRO Application and Protocol Narrative.

Level of Review:

  • Investigators should check either "Expedited Review" or "Full Committee Review".

Study Team Members:

  • Please list all members of the study team under the appropriate category. Generally Co-Researchers are key personnel and will be listed on publications.

Activities Involving Stem Cells and Stem Cell Line Tracking

  • All applicable activities must be checked off in Section 1. All pluripotent human stem cell lines that will be used and/or generated must be listed in the Section 2 table.

Location, Storage, and Processing of Stem Cells

  • The location of each stem cell line must be accounted for in the table. If all cells will be kept in the same location please indicate in one line.
  • The Investigator must describe any future maintenance of stem cell lines if the lines are to be kept for future research.

Questions about Submitting to the UCI hSCRO

Feel free to contact if you have any questions about the hSCRO review process or how to complete the hSCRO application.

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