Institutional Biosafety Committee

Recombinant DNA Activities

Environmental Health & Safety administers the UCI Institutional Biosafety Committee  (IBC).  The IBC has regulatory oversight over recombinant and synthetic nucleic acids activities.

New IRB applications and modification requests that include research procedures involving recombinant and synthetic nucleic acids, materials or microorganisms modified using recombinant and synthetic nucleic acids or infectious agents and human materials including cells into human subjects must obtain IBC approval.

IBC approval must be provided to the IRB for final IRB approval to be granted. Securing IBC approval for biosafety issues (e.g., blood draws, specimens transferred from clinic to UCI lab, etc.) is the responsibility of the LR and is required before clinical research procedures are initiated.

The Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) is a committee created under mandate from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The IBC is responsible for enforcing policies and guidelines related to university-related use of all potentially hazardous biological agents including but not limited to infectious agents, human and non-human primate materials (including established cell lines and stem cells), CDC/USDA select agents and toxins, recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid, clinical trials involving human gene therapy, genetically modified animals and whole plants and animals or animal specimens known to be reservoirs/vectors of zoonotic diseases.  The Committee ensures that research involving these agents is conducted in a manner that complies with all applicable regulations, policies and standard and does not endanger the researcher, laboratory worker, human research subjects, the public or the environment.

All issues related to the IBC should be addressed to:

Assistant Director Research Safety and Compliance and Biosafety Officer
Sheila Hedayati
949-824-9888 (Office)
949-824-8539 (Fax)

Associate Biosafety Officer
Anju Subba
949-824-4365 (Office)
949-824-8539 (Fax)

IBC Administrator
Alice Lee
949-824-8024 (Office)
949-824-8539 (Fax)

For email inquires:

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