Long US-China Institute

City in China

The Long U.S.-China Institute is dedicated to studying contemporary Chinese society, politics, and culture by situating China in historical, global, and comparative perspective. In the interest of fostering bilateral engagement between China and the U.S., we support scholarship and events that facilitate mutual understanding and that highlight a diversity of voices and disciplinary approaches. We…

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Center for Organizational Research (COR)

The Center for Organizational Research (COR) facilitates research on organizations by connecting scholars from many different disciplines, providing a focal point and common meeting ground for scholars and practitioners, creating a venue for and financial support for developing collaborative research projects, and offering educational and financial resources for students.

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Center for Health Care Management & Policy

Chcmp Banner

As the health care industry undergoes dramatic changes, the Center for Health Care Management & Policy¬†(CHCMP) is a source of important knowledge and information for leaders and those who want to move into leadership roles. Established in 1988 by Professor Paul Feldstein to conduct and disseminate research on key health policy issues at the national,…

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