UCI Labor Center

Workforce Various Profession Workers With Work Tools In Hands

The UCI Labor Center provides timely and policy-relevant labor research, educating the next generation of labor and community leaders, and advancing labor and workers’ rights initiatives. Modeled after centers at UCLA, UC Berkeley and UC Merced, the UCI Labor Center builds upon previous campus efforts to investigate low-wage worker sectors in Orange County. UCI’s School…

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Center for Psychology & Law

The UCI Center for Psychology & Law is a focal point for research linking the fields of psychology and law. The Center’s primary goals are to foster collaboration and communication among academics, legal professionals, policymakers, and the general public, and to address areas of inquiry where social sciences and legal systems intersect. Our mission is…

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Center for Legal Philosophy

Library with busts of philosophers

UCI’s Center for Legal Philosophy was launched in 2017 as an initiative of the School of Humanities in partnership with the School of Law. It serves as official home to the collaborative activities of the growing community of scholars working at the intersection of law and philosophy, as well as related fields in the humanities.…

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Center for Land, Environment, and Natural Resources (CLEANR)

Field of desert plants at sunset

The mission of the Center for Land, Environment, and Natural Resources (CLEANR) is to promote innovative research and catalyze concrete policy action in environmental and land use law. Image of UCI campus and surrounding environment Through interdisciplinary research, education, dialogue, and public programming, CLEANR facilitates engagement with environmental issues among leading policymakers, practitioners, activists, scientists,…

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Long US-China Institute

City in China

The Long U.S.-China Institute is dedicated to studying contemporary Chinese society, politics, and culture by situating China in historical, global, and comparative perspective. In the interest of fostering bilateral engagement between China and the U.S., we support scholarship and events that facilitate mutual understanding and that highlight a diversity of voices and disciplinary approaches. We…

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