Federal Officer

  • Proposals to Federal agencies and incoming awards from Federal agencies

Non Federal Officer

  • Proposals to Non-Profit Organizations, Educational Institutions, UC Campuses(includin
    g those for UC Programs), and DOE Laboratories. Incoming awards from Non-Profit Organizat
    ions, Educational Institutions, UC Campuses(including those for UC Programs), and DOE

Industry Clinical Trial Officer

  • Proposals and awards for clinical trials that are directly or indirectly funded by a
    for-profit entity ("Industry").

Industry Contract Officer

*Industry Contract Officers reside in the Industry
Sponsored Research unit within Applied Innovation

  • Proposals and awards (excluding clinical trials) for which a for-profit entity
    ("Industry") is involved, either as:

    • The sole funding source
    • The prime contract recipient in the case of Federal and other flow-through funding
    • The original source of funds

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