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Required Tutorials

For individuals engaged in human subjects research we offer two self-paced web-based Research Tutorials, the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Human Research Protections Training Course and the HIPAA Research Tutorial. These tutorials review core concepts for the responsible conduct of research involving human subjects and guide users through the major principles for conducting research in a way that is consistent with federal and University requirements and with accepted scientific standards.  Completion of the following tutorials is required for individuals (i.e., Lead Researcher, Co-Investigators, Research Personnel and Faculty Sponsors) who wish to engage in human subject research at UCI before submission of IRB documentation.

CITI Human Research Protections Training Course

UCI offers two versions of the Basic Human Research Training course: one for Biomedical Investigators and one for Social & Behavioral Investigators. Individuals choose the course that best matches their research activities. A CITI Refresher course is required every 5 years to ensure ongoing education about human research protections. There are also two versions of the refresher course.

How to Enroll in the UCI CITI Human Research Protections Course

UCI students, staff, faculty and research personnel will be able to log in to the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) website using their UCINetID and password.  This process, known as Single Sign-On or SSO, provides distinct advantages over the old system of individual account access:

  • Enhanced security
  • No additional Username/Password for users to remember
  • Automatic log-in if you have already authenticated yourself with your UCINetID on another page
  • Training records linked more accurately with internal Research Protections databases
  • Easy registration for new members – personal information automatically transfers from your UCI record to CITI

Access to CITI via SSO is easy at :

CITI SSO Screenshot

The next thing you will see is a list of institutions that utilize SSO – scroll down until you find “University of California Irvine” and click on the link.  That link will deliver you to the familiar UCI Secure Web Login screen:

CITI Login Screenshot

Established users can still log-in using their CITI Username and Password from the main CITI page.

Click HERE for specific step-by-step instructions.

Note: For new researchers without a UCINetID, please visit the FAQ page for registration instructions.

The Basic and Refresher Courses require approximately two hours to complete. The modules may be completed over multiple sessions. You must complete a module and the related quiz before you log out of a session. If you do not complete the module, you will be required to take it again.  The minimum "passing" aggregate score is 80%.  A passing score is based on the whole course, and not on the individual modules within a course.  When your Grade Book gives you an option to print a "Completion Report," it means you passed the course. A running tally is compiled in the Grade Book. If you want to improve a score on a quiz, you may repeat the module and the quiz.  You can print or download a Course Completion Report as evidence of completion. You can view or print your completion reports any time by logging into CITI.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Registration Instructions

HIPAA Research Tutorial

The HIPAA Research Tutorial is required for individuals engaged in Human Subjects Research and whose research involves access, use, creation, or disclosure of Protected/Personal Health Information. This tutorial is UC specific and must be taken for credit. The UCI IRB will not accept completion of HIPAA Research tutorials from other institutions.  In order to receive credit for completing a tutorial, UCI faculty, staff and students must use their UCINetID (UCI Network ID). The tutorial can also be taken anonymously to practice or review core concepts.


OHRP has developed educational videos on a variety of topics regarding the regulations for the protection of human subjects of research (45 CFR Part 46). Each video is approximately 20-25 minutes in length.

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In-Service Training Requests

  • To request an inservice by a member of Human Research Protections staff, visit this web page and submit a request.
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