I-GREAT in Human Research Protections (HRP)

I-GREAT is our internal cultural agreement.  HRP serves to facilitate human subject research at UCI.  We don't just want to facilitate, however, our goal is to Shine Brighter! We strive to maintain a positive work environment and thereby an equally positive IRB submission experience. If at any time HRP does not measure up to I-GREAT standards, we want to hear about it! Please email us at IRB@research.uci.edu.


  • Demonstrate Inclusive excellence to help dismantle intolerance
  • Enable meaningful HRP Growth: Be solution oriented when presenting a HRP challenge or problem facing colleagues, faculty and students
  • Show Respect and patience for all questions from colleagues, faculty and students
  • Provide Effective communication; Use a professional and succinct communication style
  • Be Accountable to the Team; Proactively and timely reach out for help from supervisor to develop a plan of action
  • Be Transparent on IRB review expectations so faculty and students know what to expect with their research transaction