Laboratory & Vivarium Security

General Guidelines

The use of animals in research is controversial and elicits strong emotions and responses in some individuals.  Acts of vandalism and violence have occurred on several UC campuses, including right here at UC Irvine.  Common-sense dictates that all research personnel exercise caution to protect themselves, their research, and the University:

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times when you are engaged in animal research.
  • If you are transporting cages of animals across open campus areas or through public hallways, keep the cages discreetly covered.
  • Watch for unfamiliar people loitering around hallways or near vivarium entrances - ask for identification.
  • Keep laboratory doors closed and locked when animals are present.
  • NEVER prop open vivarium access doors.
  • Know where your vivarium access card is at all times.  Don’t share key cards with others.
  • Use the buddy-system, particularly when working early in the morning, late at night or on weekends.  Pair up with another researcher.
  • Don’t hesitate to contact UCI Police – no concern is too small or insignificant.

Researcher Security - UCIPD "Silent Partner" Program

Animal-rights activists have targeted researchers not only in their laboratories but at their homes as well.  As part of its proactive stance in protecting UCI's research community, the UCI Police Department has developed its "Silent Partner" program to collect and store background information regarding your research in a secure database.  Armed with this information, officers responding to a call for service at your workplace or at home will know immediately that you use live animals in your research, and will be able to focus their investigation more efficiently.

For more information, see the UCIPD "Silent Partner" Program or complete an enrollment form.

Who to Call for Assistance

UCI Police:

  • 911 for emergency
  • (949) 824-5223 for non-emergencies

Telephone inquiries should be directed to:

  • University Laboratory Animal Resources: (949) 824-7788
  • Office of Research - Research Protections:  (949) 824-8984 or

UCI Strategic Communications:  The official "voice" of UCI