Policy for Adoption of Research Animals



In accordance with Section 66017.7 of the CA Education Code, this policy establishes the guidelines and criteria for making available for adoption cats and dogs owned by the University that were involved in research, testing, teaching or related activities (“animal use activities”).


A University-owned cat or dog that has been used for animal use activities will be made available for adoption as a pet or companion animal when it is no longer needed by the University for animal use activities under the following conditions:

  • The Principal Investigator of the animal use activity has determined that euthanasia is not required to complete the specific aims of the activity.
  • The animal is in good health, has a suitable temperament and is suitable for adoption as confirmed by UCI veterinarians.
  • Any cat or dog that meets the above criteria must be offered up for adoption.
  • The usual mechanism for cat or dog adoptions shall be identification of an employee or student of the University who wishes to adopt and assume permanent ownership of that animal. If no employee or student of the University is found to adopt the cat or dog that is adoptable, the animal must be offered to an animal adoption organization such as a rescue, foster, or county shelter that will assume full responsibility for the care and welfare of that animal until a permanent home can be found.
  • The person or organization adopting the animal (adopter) must be able to provide a suitable home for the animal once it leaves the University.