Action Buttons

Appears at the top and bottom of EVERY Tab:

  • Save – Saves your work
  • Exit Protocol - Returns to the Animal Use Protocol (AUP) Page
  • Compare Version – Used by reviewers to compare the current version to a previous submission (e.g., to see what has changed).
  • Print PDF – Prints a PDF version of your AUP.
  • Attachments - Attachment option to add documents, images, figures, tables to a specific Tab.
  • Review - Opens the Review feature to reply to Reviewer's comments.
  • Check-Out/Save & Check-in - Toggles between checking-out (edit mode) or checking-in (view mode) the protocol.
  • Submit to IACUC - Submits your completed protocol to the IACUC office

Don’t forget to SAVE YOUR WORK!