Basic Structure of RMS

Files & Documents

The design of RMS is analogous to a filing cabinet full of files and documents that contains all the lab’s protocols. In the AUP page, the File is a folder for a specific AUP. The File can contain several Documents or versions of the AUP

Filters control what type of protocols are visible on this page:

  • All protocols including approved, initiated, modification and undergoing annual review are under the default "My Protocols"
  • To create a custom sort, open the File Search or Document Search tabs for more sort/search options.
  • Select your search or filter criteria and click the Search button.

To edit or work on a protocol (i.e. make save-able changes), you have to “Check-out” the document. Click on the Document Version or Title to open the protocol.

Click on the "Check-out" button to edit the protocol.

The green checkmark indicates you have checked-out the document.

This red no symbol indicates the current document is already checked-out by someone else and can only be viewed.

Yellow note with thumbtackNOTE: When a document is checked out by the current user, it is NOT AVAILABLE for editing by anyone else.

Think of it this way – you can’t modify/save a document unless you take it out of the file folder and no one else can modify/save when you have it checked out already.