Finding the Number of Animals Used

Animals purchased through ULAR are automatically deducted from your approved allocation. To view how many animals were purchased under a protocol, follow steps below:

Annual Review (animal numbers by specific period) = Purchased Animal Numbers Report

Total Animal Numbers to date (when you view) = Protocol File Details

Annual Review - animal numbers by specific period

  1. On the left side RMS menu panel, go to Reports and select Purchased Animal Numbers
  1. In this report, select your AUP then click the >> sign to place it into the Assigned field
  2. Mark the checkboxes for All Species and All Points of Delivery
  3. Type in dates for the reporting period - this is based off the protocol's initial approval date, for the last year
  4. Once all parameters are selected, click the Generate Report button - a window will pop up
  1. In the pop-up window report, go to the Save drop-down menu and select Excel
  1. Look for your downloaded report either on your internet browser (bottom left), or in your computer's Downloads folder.
  1. Open the Excel report, look for the No. per Cage column and add up all the animal numbers - This number is for all animals ordered within your specified period.

Total Animal Numbers to date (when you view)...

  1. From the Files & Documents page, right-click on the FILE and choose “Edit File”:
  1. Then click on the “Number of Animals” tab:
  1. The number in the “USED” column represents:
    • Animals purchased via ULAR; and
    • Animals previously reported from breeding colonies (e.g., reported on the last Annual Review).