Submitting the LR Signature

The Lead Researcher's signature is required for animal use protocol submissions, which must be submitted electronically in RMS.

After IACUC review and prior to protocol approval, the LR will receive an email notification with a link to the AUP where they can electronically sign the document.

For the LR to submit their signature:

  1. Ensure you are either on campus or connected to the VPN
  2. In the RMS email notification, click the AUP link - this will direct you to the protocol document in RMS
  3. At the top, go to the Workflow drop-down menu and select Signatures - a window will pop up
  4. In the Signatures pop-up window, review the terms and conditions of IACUC protocol approval then click the Sign button
    - this will change the document status to "Submit to IACUC", and an email notification will be sent to confirm your signature submission.