Submission of IACUC Modification Requests

Modifications are divided into two categories


Changes affecting the animals, experimental design or scope of work, may impact personnel safety, change in PI


Changes to personnel, funding, lab area locations (outside the vivarium), contact info updates, etc.

RMS only allows one modification submission
at a time

If you need to make significant changes and personnel additions/deletions, please include ALL proposed changes together into the modification request.

Email if you need personnel changes to be expedited.

Significant Changes

Administrative Changes

Significant changes include any changes that

  • Involve or affect the animals
  • May impact personnel safety
  • Alter procedures, experimental design or scope of work

Follow the below steps to start and submit a mod in RMS

  1. Create a new modification in RMS, by clicking the Modification button
  2. To enable editing, click the Check-Out button
  3. Fill out the Modification Tab in RMS, indicating all proposed changes

AUP form fields

  1. Revise the corresponding Protocol Tabs in RMS, incorporating the proposed changes
  2. Once ready to submit, click the Submit to IACUC button

Additional Information & Tips

  • For technical assistance, contact
  • For more information about modifications, refer to the IACUC Policy on Modifications
  • It is strongly recommended submitting your modifications as early as possible, in case it may need to go to full committee review.
  • Level of review for a modification is determined by the IACUC office. If you have an urgency, please contact us to discuss.
  • Designated Member Review:  Allow a minimum of 2 weeks for review (turnaround time will vary)
  • Full Committee Review: Submissions: must be received by the deadline dates to be considered for the next meeting agenda.NOTE:  Submitting by the deadline date does not guarantee making it onto the agenda! Agenda capacity is determined on a first-come first-served basis, dependent on the number of submissions our office has already received and the number of scientific reviewers available.
  • For guidance about hazards, please contact EH&S at (949) 824-2041

Important : Proposed changes CANNOT be implemented until IACUC approval of your modification has been obtained.

Not sure which type of modification you have? See the IACUC Policy on Modifications for guidance.