Scheduling a Non-Research Scan

Wish to schedule a scan?

If you have already been given a clinical referral for a PET or MRI scan, you or your care provider can contact the Neuroscience Imaging Center office to schedule a scan at (949) 824-7872.  Note, for research scans please see Investigator Information on this website.

  • Cost of a PET procedure is: $3,010.00
  • Cost for a MRI procedure is: $803.00

Wish to participate in a research study?

We welcome public participation in research. It is not necessary to have a medical condition to participate in a research study. We are often interested in scanning normal healthy persons as controls for comparison to our subjects with brain related illness. All research subjects whether healthy, or candidates for a clinical trial, are screened by a staff of licensed clinical social workers who can evaluate which studies would be appropriate.

Contact Information

  • PET: Vee Martinez: (949) 824-7872.
  • MRI: Pat Silver (949) 824-7872.  

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