BSL-3/ABSL-3 Laboratories


These laboratories are available to researchers at UC Irvine. The BSL-3 laboratories at UCI are core facilities owned and operated by the School of Medicine and Department of Biological Sciences. BSL-3 laboratories are required for any research involving live Risk Group 3 infectious agents.

BSL-3 laboratories are highly engineered facilities built to carry out research with high-risk infectious pathogens.

All UCI BSL-3 laboratories have dedicated single-pass HEPA-filtered exhaust under negative pressure with directional airflow and sophisticated emergency backup systems. Alarms are installed for continuous real-time monitoring of the individual laboratory room pressures.  One-way pass-through autoclaves are used to sterilize all waste out of the facilities.

For more information about access and BSL-3 Facility Capabilities, please see the EH&S BSL-3 High Containment Webpage or contact


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