Clean Energy Institute

Solar Panels

The UCI Clean Energy Institute is a conglomerate of faculty engineers building upon the excellent UCI programs and centers in electrochemistry, national fuel cell research, mobility and connectivity, and “solutions that scale” initiatives. With the support of the UCI Vice Chancellor for Research, as innovative and seasoned engineers, we are developing strategic plans to launch…

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Center for Mathematical and Computational Biology

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Established in 2005, Center for Mathematical & Computational Biology (CMCB) is focus on building a research and training environment dedicated to mathematical and computational biology. CMCB faculties possess diverse backgrounds and work on a variety of scientific questions. Their research work aims at the mathematical representation, treatment and modeling of biological processes, using mathematical and…

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Quantum Materials and Devices Laboratory (QMDL)

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The QMDL is an interdisciplinary laboratory, focused on the quantum transport and optoelectronic properties of emergent quantum materials. We grow high-quality bulk crystals of quantum materials, we exfoliate the crystals to obtain one or a few layers of atomically thin materials. Then, we assemble new materials by stacking together two or more different quantum materials.…

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Eddleman Quantum Institute

The goal of the Eddleman Quantum Institute at UCI is to stimulate the discovery of new quantum science phenomena by developing collaborations between investigators in a broad range of scientific endeavors and to motivate future generations to study quantum science through educational and outreach activities.

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Center for Cosmology

The UC Irvine Center for Cosmology is devoted to unlocking the mysteries of our Universe, with research groups working on the composition, origin, structure and fate of the Universe, the fundamental physics governing it, and the evolution of structure and galaxies comprising it.

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Chemistry at the Space-Time Limit (CaSTL)

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The mission of the Center for Chemistry at the Space-Time Limit (CaSTL) is to develop the essential science and technology to probe single chemical events in real space and time. The tools are designed to unravel elementary steps in chemistry, in heterogeneous and nanocatalysis, and in photophysics. The ultimate aim is to apply such tools…

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Atmospheric Integrated Research at UCI (AirUCI)

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AirUCI is an Organized Research Unit (ORU) located at the University of California, Irvine. We are a multidisciplinary environmental research team dedicated to understanding and solving issues related to air pollution, climate change, sustainability, and green technology — locally and globally — and their effects on human health and well-being. To achieve these ambitious goals,…

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