Laser Spectroscopy Labs


A modern laboratory dedicated to research and education in areas of linear and nonlinear spectroscopy, ultrafast phenomena and unequilibrated systems, material science and characterization.  The following laboratories and equipment are maintained and may be  available for access as well as collaboration and proposals:

Linear Lab

  • Jasco 4700 FTIR
  • Malvern Zetasizer ZS
  • NanoSight NS300
  • Jasco J-810 circular dichroism spectrometer
  • Jasco V-670 absorption spectrometer
  • Cary-7000 Universal Measurement Spectrophometer
  • Chemical hood
  • Nanopurifier
  • Cary Eclipse fluorimeter
  • Cary-60 absorption spectrometer
  • Malvern Viskotek SEC-MALS instrument
  • Malvern Zetasizer uV

Microscopy Lab

  • Rosencrantz and Guildenstern – Dark Field / Raman / Fluorescence microscopy system
  • Kleine Friedrich – Fluorescence / Raman microscopy system
  • Goude Oude Frits – Phase contrast microscopy system
  • Darth Vader – Dark Field microscopy system

Ultrafast Lab

  • Grote Gretchen – Nanosecond transient absorption and fluorescence
  • Big Ben – Picosecond beam line
  • Curious Molly – multi-modal nonlinear microscopy system
  • Thor – THz optical rectificator, THz time-domain spectroscopy
  • Gargantua – Ultrafast beam line
  • Ultrafast transient absorption experiments
  • Truffle – time-resolved ultrafast fluorescence experiments


Dmitry Fishman, Director

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Dmitry Fishman