Optical Biology Core


The Optical Biology Center is a Shared Resource Facility to provide researchers access to resources, including state of the art instrumentation and technical support, to conduct biomedical research.

Available Systems

  • Confocals: Zeiss LSM980, LSM900, LSM780, Leica Sp8
  • Super resolution: Elyra 7 with Lattice SIM and SMLM
  • Light-sheet: Zeiss Z1 (Cover image of whole mouse brain expressing Thy1-EGFP, ChAT-tdTomato and imaged on the Z1 lightsheet, is courtesy Ricardo Azevedo, MSTP and Professor Sunil Gandhi, PhD)
  • Software: Imaris 3D/4D, Imaris Stitcher, Arivis Vision 4D, Volocity, Huygens SVI


Rahul Warrior, PhD, Director

Contact Info

Adeela Syed, PhD

Email: adeelas@uci.edu
Phone: (949) 824-3856