Submission of IACUC Pre-review Responses


If your submission requires additional clarifications or revisions, an email (Pre-review Summary) will be sent with the subject "Revisions Required...".

  1. From the email, click on the direct protocol link.
    - This will take you directly to your protocol
    (or login to RMS website, the Document Status will be in "For Revision by PI")

  1. Click on the Review button - A window will pop-up.
  2. In the Review window, scroll down to the All Tab to view all comments.
  3. Respond to comments in the Review window.
  4. Enable editing by clicking the Check-out button.
  5. Revise the main protocol to reflect your pre-review responses.
  6. SAVE the protocol (before exiting the protocol)
  7. When ready, click the Submit to IACUC button to submit

Additional Information & Tips

  • For full committee reviews, the Pre-review Summary is typically sent about 5 business days prior to the meeting (the week before the meeting date)
  • Ensure your response coincides with the changes that are made in protocol!
  • It is recommended to send your response as early as possible, so that administrative staff can help look over your revisions and responses.

Important Reminders

For full committee reviews, submit your response by the due date stated in the email - This is to allow reviewers adequate time to look over your response. Late responses may potentially affect the outcome of the committee’s decision on your submission.