IRB Review Fees

The Human Research Protections (HRP) unit in the Office of Research will charge Institutional Review Board (IRB) fees for new clinical research submissions that are partially or fully supported by industry sponsors, including chart review studies. The one-time IRB review fee is charged to the funding source after IRB approval, once the contract is fully executed.  The IRB review fee is to support the administrative costs of the protocol review process. If UCI defers review to an independent IRB (e.g., WCG, Advarra), the IRB review fee will also apply.

  • Effective October 1, 2023, the IRB review fee is $1850.00.
  • There is no fee for renewals.
  • There is no fee for amendments.
  • There is no fee for reportable events.

This fee will adjust annually to align with HRP expenses. The rate could adjust up or down based on actual expenditures for the current fiscal year, and projected expenses for the following fiscal year.

For budgeting purposes, Researchers should assume that the future fee will be 3% higher than the current rate.

Important Notes!

  • IRB fees are not charged when federal, state or foundation dollars are used, and UCI is the IRB of record.
  • When a commercial IRB is used however, along with federal funds, IRB fees are charged as the IRB is considered a vendor under the terms of the award.
  • To account for IRB fees that remain uncollected when IRB approval is in place 6 months or longer and the contract is not fully executed, the IRB fee will be charged to the Department.

For additional information, please see HRP Policy # 6 and / or the UCI IRB Review Fee Policy.

If you have questions, contact Beverley Alberola, Senior Director of Human Research Protections, at 949-824-5746 or